Underwater Creatures

It is a 3D discovery simulation app. 100 underwater creatures with colorful patterns and animations.

The general purpose of such kind of 3D apps is offering the users to view the environments that are impossible or hard to reach. For example; provide with users opportunity to see, discover and learn solar system and planets by developing a 3D visual World. We carry such kind of environments to users’ mobile tablets by using the opportunities of technology. Users will have more efficient knowledge when they make journey 3D environment.

We have built underwater world with its reality (light refraction, fluctuation and ) and richness (rocks, seaweed and sunken ships ) for users. In this world, there are species of fish some of which are extinct. These fish has artificial intelligence with that they can eat and go around. Moreover, all of them has its own swimming animations as real. User can move around fish and can interact with them by touching them to summon them near camera. When user top fish consecutively, fish comes new camera with loving animations. User can more information about fish and get real pictures of them if s/he top fish for one second.

Note: This application is now at demo stage. It will be improved with new features and better AI.