Solar System

It is a 3D discovery simulation app. View the speed and dimention relations of the planets. Begin the journey inter-planets.

The general purpose of such kind of 3D apps is offering the users to view the environments that are impossible or hard to reach. For example; provide with users opportunity to see, discover and learn solar system and planets by developing a 3D visual World. We carry such kind of environments to users’ mobile tablets by using the opportunities of technology. Users will have more efficient knowledge when they make journey 3D environment.

Application is consist of two main screens. On the first screen all planets can be seen. Planets’ size, distances with each other, orbital movements and speeds are animated realistically. When users touch a planet, information of that planet will emerge. On the second screen users control a spacecraft and they make a journey inter-planets. On that screen the proportions of the each planet are considered. Users control the spacecraft by using the direction sensor and they can get information about the planet that they get close. Moreover users can open fire from spacecraft so it is made fun the users.