My Traffic Diary

3D pop-up book for kids. Contains interactions, stories and micro games.

The application “My Traffic Diary” was selected the best educational kids application about basic traffic rules by general traffic department of Turkey. It is for IOS and Android mobile operating systems. I can run on all resolutions. It contains stories, interactions and micro games.

There are 10 different stories in this game book. Each stories is for one basic traffic rule. After each stories, there is a micro game. These games are 2D or 3D. Kids can spend funny time with these games and reinforce what they learned form stories. To complete these games successfully, kids need to have basic traffic knowledge. When kids win the game, kids are rewarded with kind of badges such as best walker and best athlete badges. By this way, we keep their motivation alive and encourage them.

Some of the interactions and micro games,

- Finding the difference between two images

- Memory card pairing

- Finding safest way and following it

- 3th match game

- Fill in the empty spaces using the right objects