Kids ABC 3D

3D pop-up book that teaches English alphabet. Puzzle, paint, card pairing and filling the blanks games for kids.

3D interactive ABC pop-up book for kids. Your kids can learn alphabet with this educational and enjoyable 3D pop up book. Kids can interact with 3D toys while they are hearing pronunciation of letters. In this way, they can learn the letters easily by using their visual and sensory memory skills. We developed different and colorfull pages for every letter from A to Z very meticulously for your kids.

Some interactions:
-Pulling and leaving the car
-Lightening with flashlight
-Splashing water
-Extinguishing the fire
-Cutting watermelon
-Bouncing the ball

Moreover, in the app, there is a word game for your children to practice. Kids will put right letters to find toys’ names which they see in learning environment. In this app, we try to motivate and encourage kids with positive visual and verbal feedbacks which prepared according to children’s level.

App features:
-Dynamic interaction
-Mini games
-Enjojable sounds
-Prepared according to the new curriculum
-All letters from A to Z
-3D interactive pop-up book
-Different interactions for every page
-Different camera angles

Furthermore, there are entertainment worlds that are jigsaw puzzle, paint and memory cards game. Kids can have much fun while improving their memory and intelligence.

Some sections and games:
-Jigsaw puzzle
-Word game
-Memory cards game

You can feel safe about giving our application to your children. In the app, there are not any adds and drop links. In addition, “parental control” is available in the app. With the help of that, children cannot reach the purchase screen. Only parents can pass the control to reach our other applications and to make payment.