“Magic Colors” application is developed for 2-5 years toddlers and kids. This education app teaches the colors to your children, increases their intellectual and cognitive skills and supports their mental development with fun methods.

The app consists of 6 parts which are 1 education part and 5 educational games. Content of the game changes every time. In this way, the games get away from the monotony and become the dozens of different games. In this way, your children will play the games without getting bored, consolidate their information and contribute to their mental development.

You can use the free version of the app to try the education part and 1 educational game part of the app with your children. If you think you have funny and beneficial time, do not forget to buy full version of the app :)

-Introducing the colors interactively (free)
-Blasting the colorful bubbles and making the penguin happy (free)
-Matching colorful memory cards
-Catching the colorful fish and make the penguin happy
-Placing the colorful bubbles to the correct wagon to move the train
-Painting the pages to reflect your imagination

The professional vocalizing is used in the app. It accompanies the children during the app and supports to the information flow. The children are motivated with the help of positive feedbacks.

Game features:
-Colorful game worlds
-Enjoyable sounds
-Funny interactions
-Positive feedbacks
-Joining the adventures of the cute penguin